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The Greek island of Kalymnos has rightfully earned its place among the world’s top climbing locations.

Numerous climbers from all over the world visit Kalymnos because of the excellent quality and variety of the rock formations, quick and easy access to the climbing areas, clear marking of the starting points leading to the climbing areas, close proximity of the areas, paths offering stunning views of the island’s stunning beaches and the crystal-clear Aegean Sea, and, of course, the mild climate that prevails on the island throughout the year.

Although climbers who have visited other top climbing locations acknowledge that Kalymnos’ rock is similar to that of Thailand, they believe Kalymnos offers a superior experience and is a more comprehensive travel destination.

The history of Kalymnos climbing

After the arrival of renowned Italian climbers who spent their holidays on the island in the late 1990s, climbing in Kalymnos started to become a sport. They made the decision to return as soon as possible to establish routes after seeing the seemingly endless possibilities for climbing on the Kalymnian rocks with their trained eyes.

The opening of the initial routes presented some challenges for the Italian climbers because they were detained because the villagers, who at the time had little knowledge of climbing operations, thought they were trying to steal boulders and stalactites from Kalymnos.

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