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Pelagos – Seafront Accommodation Kalymnos Greece

Agios Savvas

Above the harbour of Pothia, you’ll find the magnificent temple dedicated to Agios Savvas the miraculous, which features paintings of exceptional quality and value.

The skull of Agios Savvas is solemnly kept inside the temple, where guests can pray.

The temple was constructed in a breathtaking location, with a panoramic view of the Pothia Valley and the sea to the east. The natural beauty of the surrounding area, along with the peace and quiet of the monastery, results in a courtyard unlike any other.

Monastery of Panagia Kyra Psili

The Panagia Kyra Psili Monastery, located in a mountain cave to the north of Vathys, stands out. Tradition holds that a Kalymnian who had left the island and rejected Christianity constructed the monastery there after coming to terms with his heritage and finding God anew.

Another tale has it that a shepherd who was searching for his missing goat stumbled onto the cave. He entered the cave and attempted to transport a Virgin Mary image back to his community. When I got halfway through, the vision would always start to make its way back to the cave

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